Commissioned Artwork

All of Joanne's paintings are done strictly in pure pigment, soft pastel chalk. Originals must be done in larger sizes, because she uses only her fingers as blending tools. This limits her from being able to create smaller original artwork as another artist might do using brushes.

Working entirely from photographs, she only needs a good, clear photo of the subject matter. Joanne never changes the body structure of the subject; if your dog's ears are down or the mouth is open, she won't lift the ears or close the mouth.

Your original artwork is guaranteed to look like the subject you want painted, as long as the photograph you send her shows everything you wish to see. Joanne can also place your pet in any background. A good way to get started is look through her gallery of existing prints and choose something similar to what you would like to see. Then contact Joanne to discuss information about delivery times, prices, etc.

From Joanne:
“Each and every commission gives me the opportunity to paint new and exciting subjects. I look forward to painting your loved one and I know you will be pleased to have a portrait that will last you for many generations.”

All original artwork comes unframed, without mats. Prices quoted are per subject, regardless of the number of subjects in the portrait. Framing is available at an extra cost (please inquire).

There is a non-refundable 25% deposit for Joanne's commissioned artwork. If you change your mind before the painting is started, your deposit will be applied toward the purchase of any print in her gallery.

Subject Price Frame Size
1 Dog, head only $1,150 16" x 20"
1 Dog, full body $1,650 24" x 30"
1 Dog, head with bird $1,650 20" x 24"
1 Dog, full body with background $2,750 24" x 30"
Montage of head, bird and body $2,750 24" x 30"
1 Cat, head only $600 12" x 16"
1 Cat, full body $950 20" x 24"
1 Horse, head only $1,650 24" x 30"
1 Horse, full body $2,750 24" x 36"
1 Horse, full body with background $3,850 24" x 36"
1 Person, head study $1,500  
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Joanne Graham wildlife artist
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