T-Shirts from Ducks Unlimited - SOLD OUT

Ducks Unlimited Yellow Lab t-shirtNo more shirts are available.

Joanne started working with Ducks Unlimited in 1985. They recognized her immense talents as a Sporting Dog Artist, and it has been a win/win situation ever since. Her prints have helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ducks Unlimited. Joanne has officially received 2 Palette & Chisel Awards, each level which signifies the amount of revenue generated. A 3rd one should be on the way!

Joanne has gladly worked with this organization because, she truly believe in their work to preserve wetlands and duck/bird species, and she couldn't begin to replace the exposure they have brought to her artwork over the years.

Ducks Unlimited Boxed Set t-shirtJoanne has had the honor of being the Ducks Unlimited Artist of The Year for many different states throughout the years. But, there has been one dream she has always dared to hope for, and now it has come true. No matter where she has traveled to for shows, whenever she saw someone wearing a Ducks Unlimited t-shirt with the image of another artist's dog painting, she always wished it could be her art work.

Out of the blue, about 3 months ago, she was contacted by Artisans Inc., the company responsible for DU's clothing wear. They asked if Joanne would like to work with them. Well that didn't take much thought on Joanne's part! Needless to say, she has been very excited about this whole new venture.

She now has three different shirts that are featured in the 2013 catalog of Ducks Unlimited.Ducks Unlimited Misty Morning Companions t-shirt











Sorry, these designs by Joanne Graham are no longer available either.

Ducks Unlimited T-shirt with Joanne Graham's Art  Ducks Unlimited T-shirt with Joanne Graham's Art